Italian style construction

While Estomar91 works closely with its clients to create their dream construction, without imposing a template design across the board, we specialise in the Italian style of construction. The specific elements of Italian architecture are well known, but there is more to this highly popular school of design than a handful of common building methods. As renowned Italian architect Luigi Caccia Dominioni claims about Italians when it comes to design, ”Quite simply, we are the best”.

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Estomar91 provides a wide range of project management solutions in both new build construction and in reformation and refurbishment. While we have a specific focus on Italian-style design, aesthetic, build quality and finish, we carry out a breadth of projects in a variety of building styles and decoration trends.

At Estomar91, we work closely with our clients on all our construction and refurbishment projects. This symbiotic relationship begins from our very first meeting with clients when the project is a mere vision. We then help mould this vision into fully realised plans with the help of our many years of experience in design and construction. Our projects are always bespoke, however, allowing our clients to have input throughout every step of the process.


Once the design team has finalised the plans of the project, the Estomar91 project management team steps into action, ensuring that all projects, no matter their scope, are carried out to plan, delivering outstanding results and meeting both budgets and deadline. We micro-manage all projects so that any potential issues that can arise organically in any construction project are identified early and dealt with swiftly and comprehensively, leaving the client satisfied and the project vastly improved. This eye on detail is rare in the world of construction project management and at Estomar91 we are proud to over-deliver on every project we undertake.


When you choose an Estomar91 project you have the ability to draw on the extensive experience of a team which is made up from architects and designers, construction experts, labourers, engineers and surveyors to create a turnkey construction project which will far outreach your initial goals. We are proud to be consistently building our impressive portfolio of projects – for the latest details on completed projects from around the world, please contact one of our team who will be happy to provide more information.

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