Affordable Furniture

Furniture is the last signature flourish you make to your house. It’s more than functional: it’s where you can express your style and personality and surround yourself with the ambience you wish for your home, whether that is calm and serene, glamorous and decadent or comfortable and cosy.


At Estomar91, we understand the importance of furniture and the difference it can make to your home. Furniture, when chosen correctly, not only finishes off your house, it makes the house a home. That is why we believe passionately that beautiful, high quality furniture should be affordable.


Our experience in design and construction uncovered a glaring niche in the market  – furniture which had the wow-factor but that didn’t cost the earth. There is no end of choice when it comes to stunning furniture out there, but it comes with a hefty price tag. And of course there are the household name flat-pack giants which certainly deliver on price, but are sadly lacking in the originality stakes.


And so, Estomar91’s own range of furniture was born. We have harnessed our expertise in design to bring our customers furniture which is beautiful and yet practical – classic and yet original. Made to the most stringent of standards and with expert craftsmanship, Estomar91 is proud to be able to offer our customers affordable furniture which doesn’t sacrifice style.


Offered in a range of designs and styles, with pieces in the collection to furnish an entire house from scratch, the Estomar91 furniture range will turn bricks and mortar into a home which is practical on a day-to-day level but which also expresses who you are and how you wish to live.


To view the latest designs in Estomar91’s very own collection of affordable furniture, contact us. We sell individual pieces of furniture, room sets and full furniture packs.