Since its inception, Estomar91 has garnered a sterling reputation as one of the leading construction and project management companies in Spain. Estomar91 works with an international client base on projects of differing scales, from realising the dreams of individual residential clients, to successfully completing ambitious corporate projects.


Estomar91 entered into the highly specialised world of construction, renovation and project management with the aim of bringing quality Italian style construction and renovation to a wide international client base. The concept behind the company is one that prevails to this day: high end construction and project management in Spain and throughout Europe, with a particular emphasis on an Italian design aesthetic. The quality of Italian design is world-renowned and Estomar91 chose this style of design in both architecture and interior design, with the help of the stunning stylings of Bianchini & Capponi.


While there is a distinctly Italian flavour to many of the Estomar91 projects, we offer a bespoke service to all of our clients, with the architect, design and planning team working closely with them to create the dream property for each individual client. The project is then in the hands of the Estomar91 construction team which draws on extensive experience and state-of-the-art technology and equipment to bring the designs or renovations to life. Ongoing project management ensures the dreams become reality, while the interior design team add the all-important finishing touches in furniture, fittings and soft furnishings.


At Estomar91, we have worked on a broad portfolio of construction projects around Europe, from small-scale renovation to ambitious construction and development projects. Our clients vary from small individual customers to corporate and investor groups. Contact one of the Estomar91 team to find out details about our past projects and discover how we can

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