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Italian style construction: “Quite simply…… the best”.




While Estomar91 works closely with its clients to create their dream construction, without imposing a template design across the board, we specialise in the Italian style of construction. We’ve already discussed the specific elements of Italian architecture, but there is more to this highly popular school of design than a handful of common building methods. As renowned Italian architect Luigi Caccia Dominioni claims about Italians when it comes to design, “Quite simply, we are the best”.




Just what is it about Italian style architecture and building design that sets it apart? It is instantly recognisable, for one, boasting classic elements such as towers, cupolas and balconies which immediately defines it as Italian. It is also imposing and impressive; what other style of architecture uses as many domes, pillars and loggias to create such a unique appearance?




This imposing presence does not make Italian style construction harsh or overbearing, however. Ornate and delicate flourishes and details such as cornices soften the look. Indeed it is this mix of formidable strength and romantic whimsy which particularly sets apart Italianate style.




A word often used to describe Italian style construction is ‘rustic’ and while at Estomar91 we are often involved in highly modern projects, it is fair to say that there is nearly always some rustic element in Italian design style. Even the most palatial Italian villas, gleaming with wall-to-wall marble, often have one or two rustic elements which bring to mind the ‘mother country’.




Finally, in our – and many people’s – opinion, Italian architect Luigi Caccia Dominioni is right when he claims “Quite simply, we are the best”. The Italians have an eye for detail, a demand for stringent standards of materials and building methods, and a flair for design which makes this style of construction second to none.



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