Bianchini & Capponi

Estomar91 specialises in the construction and renovation of buildings with a distinctly Italian feel and finished to exacting European standards. Once the construction or reformation is complete, Estomar91 assists its clients in bringing the building to life through chic, classical and unique interior and furniture design from the harbingers of Italian interior style, Bianchini & Capponi.


Estomar91 is proud to use the exquisite stylings and outstanding craftsmanship of Bianchini & Capponi for the interior design and furniture service available to all Estomar91 clients. That’s because Bianchini & Capponi respect the classical traditions of the best in Italian design, while bringing modernity and personality to all of their pieces. An Estomar91 construction, whether a sleek, modern apartment or traditional country residence, becomes the height of sophistication and style when finished with Bianchini & Capponi furniture and home interiors.


The Bianchini & Capponi collections display a variety of styles and finishes and because the client is permitted to collaborate with the design process should they wish, the collections are a continuing work in progress. Choose from ornate Rococo-style drawers and mirrors or rustic wooden and porcelain bathroom features – the only limit is one’s imagination.


Because Estomar91 is committed to excellence in construction and project management, it’s only natural that its furniture and interior design service is of the same stringent standards. Bianchini & Capponi reproduction furniture draws on both ancient and recent Italian design aesthetics and uses only the finest materials, while its decorations and home accessories reveal an eye for detail and fine crafted finish which helps elevate a building to a thing of beauty.


Estomar91 construction and Bianchini & Capponi furnishings combine to create a finished product which is worlds apart from standard construction projects. Whether a client desires show-stopping opulence or rustic charm, classical elegance or minimalist modernity, they are assured that their project will be a reflection of the quality, craftsmanship and sheer beauty which have become synonymous with Bianchini & Capponi designs.