“When it comes to kitchens,
walls are out and space is in”


The kitchen is the key living space in
many homes. Not only is it a warm, comforting
place for families to come together
to cook, eat and share the news of the day,
but now it is increasingly used as an entertainment
centre for parties and other
social gatherings. The growing trend for
sleek and contemporary kitchen/diners
that incorporate state-of-the-art appliances,
elegant dining tables and hi-tech
entertainment systems has only served
to confirm the kitchen´s role as the social
hub at the heart of the family.
The days of separate kitchens and dining
rooms are almost over, as more and more
people opt for ergonomically designed,
open-plan kitchen/diner areas.
Estomar 91´s kitchens are created to meet
the specific needs and aspirations of the
individuals or families that will be be using
Everyone wants their kitchen to combine
a stylish design with a warm,
user-friendly ambience, but it is also
important to ensure that it is easy to
use. The less time spent wandering
between the fridge and food storage areas,
the more time the family cook has
for dreaming up recipes and preparing
delicious, nutritious meals. Ensuring
that the design of any kitchen/dining
space maximises efficiency while minimising
the need for the chef to pace the
floor is one of Estomar91’s prime considerations.
With a little flair it’s possible for any
kitchen to be a winning combination of