At Estomar91 our team of construction surveyors offer a wide range of survey resources. Reliable and effective surveys are the cornerstone of any quality construction project, which is why we have ensured that this is part of the Estomar91 service offering. By providing our own in-house surveys from highly experienced surveyors, we ensure that all Estomar91 projects are top quality from the ground up.


Our surveys team can assist with planning, pre-construction and construction surveys as well as structural monitoring surveys. These surveys deliver practical and workable solutions for a cost-effective price and – overall – provide peace of mind to our clients. Estomar91 surveys utilise state-of-the-art technologies and methods overviewed by a professional team with years of construction surveying experience. We harness the latest innovations in the surveying industry to ensure that our surveys are highly accurate and dependable.


Just as Estomar91 projects vary in size and scope, so too do our survey offerings. The survey needs for a corporate or development client do of course vary considerably from that of a small individual client. Regardless of the size of the survey project, all of our clients are assured of a highly professional and accurate service which complements the entire construction project, delivered on time and within budget.


Another benefit of an Estomar91 survey is the fact that it is interwoven with our construction projects. Working closely with our project clients means that we get to know the aims, goals and parameters  of their particular construction project, ensuring that the survey meets all necessary individual requirements.


Contact us to find out how an Estomar91 survey can help expedite your construction project.