My initial contact with Andres at Estomar91 was extremely positive and the relationship throughout the project was a real delight. Firstly I must say that Andres made me feel like he was totally in control and that I had nothing to worry about. That is a great feeling to have, i.e. to know that I am in an entirely different country and yet there is a man in Spain whom I have never met but whom I fully trust! This trust began from the first contact. His approach is very straight-forward, time-efficient and informative all the way through the project. I was also amazed how all our communication was done via e-mail or Skype and therefore no cost was spent on any of our communications. Andres got several quotes for the work that my apartment required but when he himself was not satisfied with either the builder or the price or the length of the guarantee, then he would advise me to wait until we get the “right builder” for the job. He spent further time on finding the “right” builder which was a good price and also offered a 10-year guarantee. All the while, he sent e-mails with updates on the progress so that I always knew the state of the works. He took photos of the work half-way through the project and e-mailed them to me and he then sent further photos after the job had been finished. After I had sent the payment, the professionalism and commitment to the client continues. He sent the guarantee and the keys back via courier and after I had been there for a holiday over Easter, he contacted me again to ascertain my satisfaction. I can only say very positive things about Estomar91 and in particular Andres. I would highly recommend this company to my friends and family and I myself will only ever use them for any further work that my apartment may require. Afterall, how often can you find a man in a foreign country, whom you have never met and trust him 100% with your home!!

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